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  Wenzhou Hualuo Shoes Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a specialized footwear manufacturing enterprise that integrates the business of R&D, production, sale and service. The company is located in China Shoes City –Rui’an City, Xincheng East New Industrial Park, just 34 kilometers away from Wenzhou South Railway Station, 24 kilometers away from Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, 16 kilometers away from Rui’an Railway Station, 10 kilometers away from Yongtaiwen highway Rui’an export; the traffic is very convenient. Company covers an area of more than thirty mu, employing staff of more than 500 people, having five advanced shoe-making equipment. And the shoes sell across the country and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and America.
  The company depends on the quality of corporate life, people-oriented, technological innovation and continuously improves new product development capability. God has always been customer, and strive for customer satisfaction approach. In the high-tech information age today, the company basically formed a modern computer information management system as the platform, new product development, quality management, cost management as the core of modern enterprise management system.
  The company ran into countless difficulties and hardships but never gave in nor defeated, the fighting spirit enable us to win numerous flowers and applause. We have been awarded ‘Leading Enterprise’ by local Shoe Industry Association, AAA grade credit enterprise by Hangzhou Credit Assessment Company, Contract keeping and Credit First Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise, One-star Enterprise, Qualified Employees Companies and so on.
  The chairman of the company stayed with a heart of charity, and so the company also paied close attention to charity. In the past years, he has successively donated millions of cash to local charity federation, gave financial support accumulative total more than 0.5 million to local farming and breeding families, and provided the poor village that he chose for funding with over 1 million. He also initiated Poland’s Chinese Charitable Foundation in Poland and the donation was up to 2 million. As a matter of course, his contribution and good reputation of charity was recognized by people from various sectors and the government. He was granted permanent vice chairman of Rui’an Charity Federation and honorary president of Poland’s Chinese Charitable Foundation. “Charity is the responsibility that every company should take for the citizen. What I have done so far is far from enough, I will try best to do charity within my capability.” He always said.
  Consistently we will stick to the motto “create values for customers, bring profits to shareholders, make sure our employees live better lives and build wealth for human society”. Welcome to the new and old customers to our company visit and join hands to boost footwear industry.


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