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 Hualuo Shoesutstanding Member of Chinese Communist Party                   
Honorary President of Poland's Chinese Charitable Foundation                   
Chairman of Bliss Shoes (Poland) Co., Ltd.                   
Director of Panama Benevolence and International Trade Co., Ltd.                   
Chairman of Wenzhou HuaLuo Shoes Co., Ltd.                  
Executive Vice Chairman of Xincheng branch of Rui’an Federation of Industry & Commerce                   
Permanent Vice Chairman of Rui’an Charity Federation                   
Vice-Chairman of Rui’an Shoe Industry Association
Dear customers, old and new friends at home and abroad,  
  Here, on behalf of all staff in Wenzhou Hualuo Shoes Co., Ltd. and in my own name, I give you my deepest appreciation and sincerely greetings for your care and love to the company for these years.
  Wenzhou Hualuo Shoes Co., Ltd. is a joint footwear manufacturing export-oriented enterprise, which provides various kinds of sports and casual shoes. Our products are exported to a number of foreign countries. Company headquarters is located in Xin cheng Industrial Park in Rui’an city, Zhejiang province, with a large research and development team and advanced production equipment. Over the years, we always adhere to the enterprise spirit "excellent quality, first-class service, win-through-quality and develop Hualuo vigorously ". Relying on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, we have made outstanding contributions in promoting structural adjustment and industrial technology revolution for the Chinese footwear light industry. Hualuo has created numerous fashional shoes including quality, innovation, environmental protection and so on. 
  The market is infinite, and target is infinite. Looking forward to the future, Wenzhou Hualuo Shoes Co., Ltd. is dedicated to bigger, stronger, super quality and century enterprise. We are opening the foreign market and let the world to share with China! We believe that Hualuo Shoes Co., Ltd. is gradually maturing and will make unremitting struggle in a steadier pace to achieve the above goals and ideals. We will make a bigger contribution for the realization of sustainable development of China's footwear industry and the revitalization of national brand. Chairman: Zhou Guangcai

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